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For those acoustically critical places, bass traps are an absolute necessity.

When you feel like the bass is taking over and preventing you to enjoy the full spectrum of audio waves.

That’s when our bass traps come in. They offer the same functional results as our acoustic panels, but are to be mounted in corners, and are always in the same layer structure. Three layers of top quality sound absorbers.

Multi-layered quality

We use several layers of material, making sure that we block most frequencies from bouncing back to the room. Our bass traps are always fully packed with our selection of sound absorbing material.

Premium results and designs

Through deep practical testing of each material individually and in combination with other materials, we were able to produce bass traps that are efficient, customizable and affordable. The ideal bass traps for homes, rooms, restaurants, theaters, studios, meeting rooms, and any possible room where sound matters.


Every room is different. And so is every client. Online customization offers a vast array of options, but even then, we are available for any type of extra customizing, designing and measuring. From different shapes, special measurements, to special prints and fabrics. We are here to help.

Made with love

It seems to be a universal constant that people who work with audio or acoustic equipment have a love for music and sound quality that is almost immeasurable. Our desire to start working in the field of acoustic improvement came from a strong passion for music and a need to do some improvements in our own recording studios.

Because sound matters

We keep repeating it and saying it wherever we go, but it is a fact. Sound matters! Whether it is to hear the performance of a live musician, the recording of your favorite album, the speaker in a meeting room, your friends around the dinner table or the silence of the library, sound simply matters. Ans since you are reading this, we are sure that you agree.

Want to improve the acoustics in your office? This is possible with our custom-made panels. Includes a print of your choice. Ideal for your desk, meeting room, waiting room or practice.

Perfect for your dental or doctor’s office, law firm, notary office, entrance hall, lobby, and any other space where sound needs to be improved.
But our panels also come in handy in restaurants and other catering establishments. Ensure that your customers can enjoy optimal acoustics and eliminate all disturbing aspects.
All customization is possible.

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