Just the frame and the print?
No worries.
We got that covered, too.

Simply a canvas on a frame. But with the same quality and custom options.

Of course, when you create a sound absorbing panel, but you leave out the layers of acoustic insulation, you get a frame with a picture. So it’s obvious that we make these for our clients, too. Often to match our acoustic panels, but not necessarily.

High-quality printing

We use printing materials and technologies that are of the highest possible quality. The frame, the canvas and the ink are all of premium brands and are chosen to meet and exceed the highest possible expectations.

Custom designs

The preset images we offer are all from professional designers and photographers. However, we can supply you with any print you could possibly need, ranging from our own collection to stock images and even your own images, of course.

The personal touch

We offer a number of preset dimensions, but there are no limits to what we can deliver. Keep this in mind when you place an order or send us your request. We will look into every request with the ambition to make it work for you and your interior.

We are designers

Just to be clear… We are not just printer operators. We all have an artistic background as designers, photographers and musicians. We will make sure that whatever you ask us to print or design, will look good and will match your request.

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Mylo Inc. BV
Koewachtsteenweg 28
9180 Moerbeke
+32 3 8083030
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