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Multi-layered quality.

Multi-layered quality.

We use several layers of material, making sure that we block most frequencies from bouncing back to the room. Depending on your needs and situation, you can choose to have your panels made with either one, two or three layers of material.

Our sound blocking and absorbing materials were thoroughly tested. Each individually and in different combinations. Our aim was to block as many soundwaves as possible while keeping an eye on the finished product and the final result.

Sound travels through materials by “pushing” one layer onto the next. The idea was not just to make sure that the sound would get muffled or absorbed, but also that it does not bounce back. Because as soon as your sound waves reach the wall behind the absorber, you have to make sure that that sound wave is as weak as possible, so it does not transmit itself through resonating onto the wall itself.

This implied continuous double testing. Testing for absorption, and testing for reflection.