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From cyberspace
to acoustics

How working in IT became
the passage to working in acoustics

Did you know that we used to be an IT company? But we decided at some point to focus on what we prefer doing most.

It all started in a small Flemish town in 2007, where Mylo Inc. quickly became the local IT reference. Due to the artistic background of founder Mathias Buckinx, many of the IT customers were media oriented and a lot of Mylo’s projects had to do with multimedia productions for movies and music. This quickly resulted in a focus on professional recordings and surroundings.

As time progressed, the main focus shifted from IT to very targeted media productions, where a large activity of Mylo Inc. became the setup of professional recording infrastructures for audio studio’s.

In 2022, acoustic treatment became our core business.

Our history is behind us, but we welcome you to become a part of our present and future.

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Mylo Inc. BV
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