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Made with love

Made with love

It seems to be a universal constant that people who work with audio or acoustic equipment have a love for music and sound quality that is almost immeasurable.

Sound matters. We have mentioned this before, we’re sure. But sound really truly matters for musicians. In our goal to achieve the perfect sound in our recording studio, and the quest to get the right acoustical setting at an affordable price, the idea came to mind to just do it ourselves.

It didn’t take much longer to get the testing and measuring equipment we needed, the materials we planned on using in our solutions, and the tools to put all of this together. With the passion of a team of creative musicians with solid knowledge of acoustics and physics, we got together and started working on our prototypes.

And with each interior, with each design, with each piece of wood that has to be made into a frame, we still deliver with passion and the drive to give our clients the best possible solution for their acoustics. Because sound matters.