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Premium results and designs

Premium results and designs

Through deep practical testing of each material individually and in combination with other materials, we were able to produce acoustic panels that are efficient, customizable and affordable. The ideal panels for homes, rooms, restaurants, theaters, studios, meeting rooms, and any possible room where sound matters. Be sure to click on “read more” to learn about our testing process.

Our test results allowed us to experiment with different combinations for our acoustic panels. We didn’t want to create seemingly useful objects. We wanted to create works of art.

The manual labor involved in the creation of each of our panels gives more possibilities to focus on details and finishing. We consider the design of our panels to be just as important as the actual result of the product. But we do this without compromising on quality.

And since we love what we do, we want to make sure that YOU love what we deliver. We will always actively think of the most fitting solution for our clients and give functional or design suggestions, based on our own expertise and experience.