Mira Plus is your complete disaster recovery solution that can virtualize your entire business, including continuous data storage, on-site virtualization, off-site replication, and much more. Because keeping your data secured, backed-up, and available in the cloud is all we care about.


Mira Plus
Mira Go

Mira Plus is the most powerful backup device we provide and can take care of the data safety and rescue operations of up to five servers. If more servers need backing up, the Mira Plus servers can be configured to work together as a backup cluster.

Every fifteen minutes, the Mira Plus servers, which reside on the client's premise, take a backup of your servers or business critical machines throughout your network. This generally takes no more than a few seconds, since only the differences between backups are taken into account. This is known as a differential backup. At the end of the day, these files are grouped together into a daily consolidation. This file is then sent over to our datacenters using our Muse client.

While Mira has been backing up your files, it has also been preparing for the worst. Not only can these files be used to recover individual files, folders, mailboxes or even entire disks, but they can also be used as a virtual server to instantly replace your failed hardware or software, limiting downtime to minutes in stead of hours or even days. Using Mira's advanced recovery methods, we can even restore your entire server or computer to hardware that is totally different from the Original.

Incremental Block Level Backups

Through the use of Block Level Backups, your backup runs extremely fast, without interfering with your work. Only the changed binary code is backed up, so that the smallest possible files are created. With its Incremental Backup Method, Mira will only keep the differences between the "Now" backup and the "Previous" backup.


24/7 Monitoring through MiMS

Mylo Inc. Monitoring Service is what keeps an eye on your backups and servers. MiMS verifies that every backup runs correctly, all backup files are usable and that the Mira server is running smoothly. We even monitor the machines that are being backed up, and alert you as soon as we get notified about any critical event! This round the clock service is included in any Mira service agreement.


Stand-by Server Technology

A virtual copy of your server is ready to kick in anytime, within minutes after we start the stand-by procedure. This virtual copy will handle all the tasks of your server while your failed hardware or software is being repaired or replaced. This reduces downtime to an absolute minimum! While the stand-by server is keeping your business running, backups are still taking place as if nothing ever happened.


Continuous Data Protection

Thanks to Continuous Data Protection, you can recover data from virtually any point in time, whether it's a file, folder, mailbox or an entire system. You are no longer dependent on that "yesterday's backup tape", but you can recover yesterday's file, last friday's version of 4.15 PM, ... In other words, you no longer lose an entire day's work in case of a data recovery!


256-Bits AES Encryption

256-bits AES encryption is a military-grade cyphering method. Mira uses it at all levels of the backup process. The backup files are encrypted, the consolidation is encrypted, and the transfer of your data to our datacenter is over an SSL connection. Even if someone could get access to your files, for instance due to theft of the on-premise Mira server, your backups are completely unreadable to all outsiders.


Datacenter SecureVault

All your backups are securely stored on our datacenter servers, in what we like to call a SecureVault. Any outside access is impossible since the data is automatically moved from the front-end datacenter server, used to process the data transmission, to a back-end server, that is entirely inaccessible from the outside.


Bare Metal Restore

Contrary to other backup methods, our Mira server can restore your entire server to hardware that is completely different from your original device. In other words, you are no longer tied to specific brands, models, types or spare parts to get that server back up and running. Mira even allows you to switch to any virtual server environment, such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V or Oracle VirtualBox.


Unlimited Archiving

There is no limit to the amount of data that we back up. Since Mira servers are never sold, but always rented as a service, we take care of the proper amount of disk space necessary to handle your data.


  • 16TB backup storage
  • RAID10 drive configuration
  • Quad core Intel CPU
  • 64-bit architecture
  • 64GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 Network interface cards
  • Silent design
  • Backs up 5 servers

Service features

  • Backup & restore service included
  • Constant monitoring
  • Antivirus integrated
  • Permanent integrity check
  • Manual backup verification
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Software updates
  • 24/7 support

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