In a data-centric corporate world, we think you should know who is going to be your partner in data security and business continuity. Please let us share our business philosophy with you.


Company values

We put service and customer satisfaction on the very first spot. We believe it is important to know who our clients are and equally important that our clients know who we are. It is our belief that the personal aspect of a deal involving the data security of your company is of equal importance as the technology that that agreement involves. The backup and business continuity service requires a high level of trust. We put an enormous amount of energy in building, earning, and maintaining that trust.

Partner network

Having a partner network is great if you want to expand quickly and make as many clients as possible in that amount of time. However, that does not match with our main philosophy that we should only grow if our service is able to handle that growth. By choosing not to work with partners, we have been able to guarantee a much higher level of customer satisfaction and a much stronger need to maintain our service level to the absolute maximum. It has been our experience that partners often cannot meet that high level and as a result harm our name and reputation.

Creating a partner network is inevitably losing grip on correct and justifiable pricing models. By providing our services directly to our clients, we give them tools and services that are better than the competitors' and at half the cost.

We understand that some or all of our clients' data is highly sensitive information. Opening up several portals for clients and partners creates more liabilities that might compromise the data, which some of our competitors have confirmed in the past.

Closed access policy

The people behind Mylo all come from multinational corporate environments, and we understand that even within our clients' organization not all data is available to anyone. Therefore, we process every restore request using a very strict access policy that is based on our clients' specifications on who should be consulted and informed before proceeding with the request. Putting this in place prevents your data from getting in the wrong hands.

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