Specializing in what we do, is what we do best. We handle our clients' data security while they have time to focus on their core business.


Closed system

In our efforts to create the most secure configuration for our clients' data backup and business continuity platform, we had to eliminate all factors that could possibly harm the system or processes. In those efforts, we quickly concluded that limiting the access to our systems was one of the first steps to take. That is why our Mira hardware comes with a fully managed backup service for the entire duration of the agreement. This includes any procedure we can offer remotely, such as backup restores, changes in client configurations and even starting the virtualization process.

Extensive verification

Above that, our service includes a complete backup chain validation and a hybrid automatic and manual process verification. Every single step in the backing up of our clients' data is checked and double-checked. Whenever an anomaly is detected, our engineers are automatically notified and action is taken immediately. Every month, we go over each and every server to do a manual verification of hardware, software, and backup files. It is a lot of work, but it is the only way that we can make sure that everything runs flawlessly.

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